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Out West Saddlery, LLC
Bob Beecher- Saddle Maker
Terri Beecher-Pardner

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   We are located in the beautiful mountain community of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  We moved here because of our love of the incredible mountain horseback riding available here. In our search for quality, unusual, functional equipment with authentic old time/vaquero cowboy style, we found there was a short supply, so we decided to pool our talents and began Out West Saddlery as a business in 1996!.
     Our passion is educating horse owners, trainers, breeders and horse health practioners about whole horse health and teaching how to evaluate the fit of any saddle on any horse and how to solve fitting problems with the Therapeutic Saddle Fitting Pad we have designed and make (see also our Saddle Fitting Information & Saddle Fitting Guide pages ). We encourage saddles like our "Vaquero Wade Stock Saddle" that gives close contact to the horse and encourages proper positioning of the rider, preferably sitting centered which is best for the rider and horses balance as well as putting the rider where the horse can structurally best handle the riders weight.
     We specialize in very high quality, creative, truly custom cowboy gear that Bob Beecher Saddle Maker hand makes. Most everything we make is one of kind!  We carry a wide variety of other unique items from horsehair mecates to educational DVD's.  As we create new items and find new and unusual quality items made by other artisans and companies we will be sharing those with you as well, so stay tuned!


Winter Hours: Monday - Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST
Summer Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 PM MST
*Some evenings & weekends available by appointment!

Exciting news! Bob was commissioned to build a saddle for an up coming movie “Out Of The Wild”!  Story & script written by horsemanship clinician Mark Rashid!  The saddle is done! For more pictures and the back story of the saddle see our Out West Saddlery Facebook page!


We gladly ship to many foreign countries!

Buckaroo Style Flat Hat



Cell Phone Holderscell phone holder

 Wild Rags!

wild rag
wild rag

Spur Straps
Chinks For Sale

Bucking Rolls with a Twist!

Texas Cowpuncher Part Two

vaquero wade

Therapeutic Saddle Fitting Pad

Vaquero Wade
Saddle 30 -32 lbs.

Join us in a browse around our shop/web site and see all the wonderful and fun things we have to offer you!

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We have been nicknamed by our customers
“The Cowboy Candy Store”

**See the wonderful article in the March 2008 issue of Western Horseman Magazine pages 128 - 130 generously written by Jennifer Denison & photographed by Darrell Dodds

    We have a new and improved web site under construction!! In the meantime we will keep you posted right here as to the most recent update of our current site.  If you don’t see what you are looking for ask us, we may have it or can get it!
    Latest Update: 10/1/13
    Stock Saddles, New Saddle Fitting Guide & Mark Rashid Books

We will be offering you the fastest and best service we (and our employees you see here sitting down on the job) can provide, our custom & hand made products will be delivered on a first come first serve basis and will take longer than the ready made items, but we promise the wait will be worth it!

Our little shop greeter in training
"Bandita" an "Augi"
(corgi/mini aussie cross born 5/31/12)
She loves her job meeting new wonderful people who come by the "Cowboy Candy Store"!

Terri, Bob, Mose, Annie & Waddie!

All of our prices and availability are subject to change without notice, especially on the horsehair, leather and rawhide items.

Bob, Terri, Cracker & Waddie!

Gift Certificates always available by E-mail, fax, or mail!

Out West Saddlery, LLC . PO Box 105 (Mail) . 9 S. Primrose Ridge Place (UPS) . Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 .
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