Australian Dusters

We found the Cadillac of Australian Style Oilskin Canvas Riding Dusters!!
Kakadu Traders Australia Long Rider 3-in-1 Duster.
. It will take care of any situation and weather you may encounter. Breathable, Windproof & Waterproof!  Our favorite feature is that they convert to Ύ length by snapping up the bottom or the bottom converts to chaps also by snaps.Ankle length
Specify Dark Brown or Black!
#3002  $220.00 XS-XL
$230.00 XXL & XXXL    

Size Chart:

Mens Coat Size & Height
XS     34-36         5’0”-5’3”
S        36-38         5’3”-5’5”
M      38-40         5’5”-5’9”
L        42-44         5’9”-6’2”
XL     44-46         6’2-6’4”
2XL    48-50         6’4”-6-6”
3XL    50-52         6’6”-6’8”

Womens Coat Size & Height
XS     6-8             5’0”-5’3”
S        8-10          5’3”-5’5”
M      10-12         5’5”-5’9”
L        14-18         5’9”-6’2”
XL     18-22         6’2”-6’4”
2XL                      6’4”-6’6”
3XL                      6’6”-6’8”

#3J07 $59.00

Button-In  Liner
Natural Only
Polyester Blend. Buttons into most Kakadu Jackets & Coats. Washable

S - Fits Kakadu sizes XS & S
M - Fits Kakadu sizes M & L
L - Fits Kakadu sizes XL & XXL
XL-Fits Kakadu sizes XXXL

Re-Waterproofing A Duster
Clean off any dirt by spot cleaning with luke warm water and a soft scrub brush or if very dirty hose the duster down with luke warm water and scrub with a soft brush where necessary. Hang dry in the sun.  Heat up water-proofing wax until it softens into a liquid.  Brush on evenly (if doing the whole coat pay special attention to the seams, be sure they are well coated). Hang in direct sun to help solution soak into fabric.  For just spot water-proofing or if the weather is not real warm run a hair dryer over the coat or an area (you don’t need to hold it real close).
Below is some water proofing wax available.

Matching Oilskin Riding Gloves
10 oz., Lined, Cowhide Reinforcements
Black or Brown
#3G65 $45.00  S-XXL

*Measure from wrist to end of middle finger.








7 3/4”

8 1/4”

8 1/2”

8 3/4”

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