Cowboy Hats

Atwood Brand “Nevada” Buckaroo Style Palm Leaf “Flat Hat”
Crown 3 3/4” High
We Stock 4” Wide Brim $51.00

Also available by Special Order:
Palm Leaf 3 1/2” Brim  $51.00
Palm Leaf  4 1/2” Brim $51.00
Palm Leaf  5” Brim $53.00
*Special Order Brim Sizes Are Not Returnable!

Atwood Brand Felt Flat Hat!
Available by Special Order 4” Brim 3 3/4”Crown:
(Approximately 2 - 3 weeks)
*Felt Nevada Hats come with a ribbon hat band the same color as the hat.
*All Felt Hats are Special Ordered - Not Returnable!

2X - Black, Traditional Silver Belly &Buckskin $70.00
4 X - Black  $170.00
5X - Black & Chocolate $214.00  Silverbelly, Buckskin & White  $240.00
7X - Black & Chocolate $274.00  Silverbelly, Buckskin, Natural & Sahara  $306.00
10X Black & Chocolate $332.00  Silverbelly & Buckskin $380.00
20X - Black & Chocolate  $420.00 Silverbelly, Buckskin, Natural & Sahara  $474.00
100X - All Colors  $900.00

**Also available with bond edges for $10.00 extra
**4 1/2”-5” Brim for $10.00 extra. Available on 5X and up only.

We can special order for you ANY Atwood Brand Hat
but they are NOT RETURNABLE!

There is no standard X rating.
It is up to the hatter how many X’s he wants to rate a hat.  This makes it real important to know your hatter.
Atwood Hat X Rating:
2X 100% Wool
5X Rabbit Fur/Wool Blend
7X Argentina Hare & Rabbit Blend
10X Argentina Hare & Rabbit Blend w/20% Beaver
20X Argentina Hare & Rabbit Blend w/50% Beaver
100X 100% Beaver

Hat Size

6 3/4”

6  7/8”


7 1/8”

7 1/4”

7 3/8”

7 1/2”

7 5/8”

US (inches)

21 1/4”

21 3/4”


22 3/8”


23 3/8”

23 3/4”


NOTE:  These hats are handmade and sizing like clothing can vary a little. It is best to error on the side of too big than too small!

*It is best to measure about a 1/2” above your ears around your head with a soft tape measure. If you give us your actual measurement we will check the individual hats ordered and do our best to help you select the best fitting hat but we can’t quarantee fit.

Care and Shaping of an Atwood Hat

 Steam may be used to alter the shape of a palm leaf Atwood Hat.  Steam changes the texture of the palm leaf very little compared to soaking it in water, and shaping can be accomplished according to the skill of the shaper.  Expect a sticky feel until the hat is dry.

          If the smooth, sharp finish of the palm leaf is not important, water may be used to make drastic changes to the crown or brim.  Less skill is required to change a hat in this manner.

          Smudges that don’t penetrate the palm leaf may be removed with very fine sandpaper. If a hat is very soiled, soap, water and a small brush can do wonders.  Reshape and let dry before wearing again.

Please note that once a hat is altered it is not returnable!

Tip: If a hat is too small you can fold up paper towel pieces and place inside the hat between the sweat band and hat.

The Hat Retainer
Retain and Restretch your cowboy hat.
Fits hats sized 6 3/4” to 7 3/8”.
Durable, light, easy to carry.
To Operate:
Turn center handle until the Hat Retainer reaches desired position.
Many people need their hat stretched from front to back for a comfortable fit.

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