Cowboy Images Wild Rags

Remember buy two or more of any of our wild rags/scarfs (all but the 20” Wyoming Trader scarfs) and deduct $2.00 per scarf!

There maybe some color variation!

All of Cowboy Images scarves have a limited quanity available!! The fun part is there are new one’s available often!

Medium Weight 100% Silk Wild Rags
22” $24.00, 36” $48.00, 44” $58.00

All the wild rags/scarfs on this page have surged hems.

New!! Combo Wild Rags See Below!!

  Black/Gray/White Paisley
(Looks great with our black & charcoal pioneer shirt)

Midnight Blue Paisley
(Looks great with our blue
pioneer shirt)

 Wine Paisley
Looks great with our Plum
Pioneer Shirt!

 Red Paisley
(Looks great with our brick & black pioneer shirt)

Olive Paisley
(Looks great with our brown, natural, forest & brick pioneer shirt)

Saddle Brown Paisley
(Looks great with our plum & natural pioneer shirt)

New Gold Paisley


Designer Brown Leaves

 Orange & Blue Paisley 1 Left!

Digi Flower


Black & Tan Paisley

Black, Blue & Yellow Floral
  1-44” Left

 Flowers On Carmel
*The wavy in the background does not show in person!
1 - 44” Left

 Bed Of Roses

 Bright Flowers

 Sage & Caramel Diamonds

Blue Diamonds

 Red Diamonds

 Mardi Gras



Inca Blue

Inca Red

 Medium Weight Jacquard 100% Silk Wild Rags
22” $24.00, 36” $48.00, 44” $58.00
These are the same material as Cattle Kate’s jacquards but with surged hems and of course no Cattle Kate Logo.

1. Cameo
2. Royal Blue
3. Straw
4. Plum
5. Copper
6.  Iris (Purplish Silver)
7. Sage

8. Green
10. Black 
11. Red
12. Purple
13. Teal
14. Dark Brown

New Colors!!
15.  Lime
16Pink Peony
17. Denim 
18. Gold
19. Persimmon
20. Burgundy

Red Cottage

Flowers In A Row - Canary

Flowers In A Row - Black

Flowers In A Row - Cafe

Heavier Weight Charmeuse 100% Silk Wild Rags
22” $30.00, 36” $60.00, 44” $70.00

 New Gold & Rust Paisley
(Looks great with our Blue, Slate Blue & Brick Pioneer Shirts)

 New Green Paisley
(Looks great with our Plum
Pioneer Shirt)

 Red Paisley Charmeuse

 Frontier Brown Paisley 
Looks great with our
Chocolate, Plum & Brick
Pioneer Shirt!

Gold Rush

Roses Paisley

54” Panel Scarf Charmeuse $116.00
Full view of the Green the color is not accurate picture to the right is!

Multi Petal

Navy Calico

 Fantasia Blue

 White Flowers on Navy 1-36” Left

Lilies On Cream

Purple Plaid

 Soft Pink Floral 

 Apricot Floral Sueded Habotai

 Wine Paisley
Looks great with our
Plum & Brick
Pioneer Shirt!

Copper Paisley
Looks great with our Plum, Brick, Natural & Burnt Orange Pioneer Shirt!

Gold & Burgundy Paisley 

 Black, Grey & Sage Paisley

 Turquoise & Violet Paisley

Panel Scarf -Green Paisley
Only 1 Left!


Pretty In Pink Paisley

Orleans Purple

Calliope 1-44” Left!

 Brown Fern

 Fantasia Pink

Blue Desert Rose

Blue Deco  Only 1 - 44” Left!

Pointed Flowers Navy

Blue Diamond Back

 Teal Overlay

 Crazy Horse Blue

Purple Deco

Purple Overlay


Multi Flower On Black

Diamondback Purple

 Roses On Cream

 Wild Roses

 Roses On Black

 Fantasia Purple

Boxed Flowers

 Garden Flower Black

Blue Roses On Brown

Midnight Rose

 Dot Flowers Red & Silver
Only 2 - 36” left


Pointed Flowers On Black

 Fantasia Dark Grey

 Peacock Blues

 Lichen Olive

Wild West Fox

 Fantasia Red


Lichen Pink

 Timber Cat

Crazy Horse Brown

  Starshine Russet   1 36”Left!

 Desert Fern

 Lichen Blue

 Lichen Java

Wild West Grey

Petals Brown

 Lichen Green

Lime & Navy

Wild West Black

New!! Unique & Fun Combo Wild Rags!! They look a little different each time you tie them and how you wear them!
36”, 44” & 54” available for $120.00. Price is due to sewing these pieces of silk together is like herding cats......labor intensive!

Scarf #1   36” $120.00
Denim Jaquard w/Gold & Rust Paisley

Scarf #3   36” $120.00
Green Paisley (EP) w/Cowboy Brown  Dot

Scarf #4   36” $120.00
Blue Desert Rose w/Denim Jacquard

Scarf #5   36” $120.00
Ivory w/Purple Deco

Scarf #7   36” $120.00
Red Jaquard w/Frontier Brown

Scarf #8   36” $120.00
Black Jaquard w/Challis

Scarf #6   36” $120.00
Teal Jaquard w/Arbuckle

Scarf #9   36” $120.00
Lichen Blue w/Royal Blue Jacquard

Scarf #10  36”  $120.00
Lichen Green w/Black Jacquard

Scarf #11  36”  $120.00
Turquoise & Violet Paisley w/Purple Jacquard

Scarf #12  36”  $120.00
Orleans Purple w/Sueded Eggplant

Scarf #13  36”  $120.00
Teal Jaquard w/Rio

Scarf #14  36”  $120.00
Persimmon Jaquard w/Wild West Fox

Scarf #15  36”  $120.00
Fiesta w/3/8” White Dot on Black

Scarf #16  36”  $120.00
Persimmon Jaquard w/Wild West Black

Scarf #17  36”  $120.00
Black Jaquard w/Black & Tan Paisley (EP)

Scarf #18  36”  $120.00
Persimmon Jaquard w/Wild West Grey

Scarf #19  36”  $120.00
Burgundy Jaquard w/Green Paisley (C)

Scarf #20  36”  $120.00
Big Daisy w/Cowboy Brown Dot

Other ways to wear your Combo Wild Rags!