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Mark Rashid is one of our favorite horsemanship teachers!! We love his Bookís & DVDís!!~Bob & Terri Beecher  Out West Saddlery

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Mark Rashid - Colorado clone of James Herriot reveals the evolution of his training skills through well-told tales.ĒEquus.

Mark Rashid is an internationally-acclaimed horse trainer known for his ability to assess situations from a horses point of view. He has committed himself to finding  quiet but effective ways to resolve even the most difficult problems with horses and gives dozens of clinics each year, as well as private lessons. His clinic format of one-on-one work with horse and rider is immensely popular and has gained him legions of fans around the world. His books have been translated into  several languages.

Nature In Horsemanship - Discovering Harmony Through Principles Of Aikido
The popular and highly respected horse trainer Mark Rashid brings together Western and Eastern philosophies to demonstrate a seamless new incarnation of horse training. After years of helping difficult horses, Mark Rashid understands how to build the foundation of a horse training and resolve any  problems encountered along the way. He explains how he allows the traditionally  firm or assertive approach of the old Western style to take some lessons from the softer conflict resolution and ego reduction approach that the Japanese martial art of aikido teaches. Rashid ultimate goal is for harmony between  horse and rider. Oct 2011
Hardcover 224 Pages $24.95

Considering The Horse 2nd Edition
Own an unruly horse? Thinking about purchasing a horse but donít exactly know what to expect once you do? Ever wondered what and how a horse thinks? Mark Rashid tells stories that provide horse owners and potential buyers with the best training solutions straight from the horses mouth. By considering the horses point of view, he explores a variety of solutions to common training  problems like head tossing, trailer loading, mounting problems, and more. After  years of training and teaching, Rashid assures you that you donít need to sell that rebellious horse of yours, and theres no need to panic if you just bought a horse with a problem and donít know what to do. More likely than not, the  answers are here for you. 25 color illustrations. Oct 2010
Hardcover 224 Pages $24.95

Out Of The Wild
In Out of the Wild, we meet a Nevada cowboy and a guest ranch owner whose lives are woven together by an injured mustang. When Henry McBride, a cowboy with a drinking problem, comes looking for a job at a guest ranch, the owner, Jess King, thinks it will be good to have an extra hand for the endless work her ranch generates. For Henry, still grief-stricken over the death of his  wife and young son 17 years earlier, it's just a way to get enough money to buy  his next drink before he moves on. It isn't long before two pivotal events occur: Henry crosses paths with Chad, the ex-ranch manager, and a young mustang stallion that Jess has agreed to train arrives at the ranch. What transpires is a story not only of redemption-moving beyond our deepest wounds and discovering a life we never dreamed we could live-but also a glimpse into ways of looking at  horses, and perhaps even ourselves, with new eyes.  April 2010
Paperback 383 Pages  $22.50 Soon To Be Made Into A Movie!!!

Whole Heart, Whole Horse - Building Trust Between Horse & Rider
Many horse trainers, even those who espouse the so-called  natural horsemanship approach, take the position that horses who fail to obey a  human's request are doing so as much out of perversity as ignorance. That's not Mark Rashid's view. In his words, "If we understand that horses can't separate  the way they feel from the way they act, then we can start to see that unwanted  behavior isn't bad behavior at all. More times than not, it's just the horse  expressing the way he feels at that particular moment in time. . . .How we  perceive that information dictates how we respond to it."
Whole  Heart, Whole Horse focuses on this idea, covering such subjects as gathering information from the horse, turning rider/trainer mistakes into  positive experiences, developing realistic boundaries between you and your  horse, understanding how and why horses release energy from real or perceived traumas, and reaching a comfortable balance point between horse and rider. Rashid analyzes developing softness, consistency, dependability, trust, and  peace of mind in both horses and humans, as well as how to become a leader whom  your horse will willingly want to follow and work with.
Full of examples that extend beyond the training pen, Whole Heart, Whole Horse offers  good sense and information that will make you a more astute, capable, and sensitive horseman and person. May 2009
Hardcover 224 Pages  $24.95

A Life With Horses: Spirit Of The Work
In this beautiful full-color book, popular authors Mark  Rashid and Kathleen Lindley team up to provide the reader with an intimate look  into a world of horses and horsemanship clinics that few people get to see close up. Lindley's vibrant photographs, accompanied by descriptive text by both authors, chronicle the spirit of their life's work. In covering subjects such as a young wild Mustang's initial handling, softness, friendship, and hands that employ the tools of the trade, this book offers the reader an unflinching and  compassionate pictorial account of a life with horses. Nov 2007
Paperback 192 Pages  $27.50

Big Horses, Good Dogs & Straight Fences
Mark Rashid is a great storyteller, as the readers of his  horsemanship books know, and this collection of fifteen tales, he's in top form.  These stories are of Mark's life working on cattle ranches and guest ranches  before he became famous worldwide for his work with horses. Sept 2006
Paperback 144 Pages  $17.50

Horsemanship Through Life
A way to practice horsemanship in your everyday life, not just when you're with  your horse
When Mark Rashid finds himself lying in a heap in the dirt during a horsemanship clinic he's giving in England, he realizes that his fall, the first in many years, is much more than just a fall off a horse. In his fifth book, Mark delves into the reason for the fall and rediscovers the meaning of his life's work with people and the horses they love.
Even as a highly successful  clinician, Mark is forced to face the fact that he had become complacent. Mark's  efforts to recover from years of physical injuries and to rekindle his passion for working with horses are at the heart of Horsemanship Through  Life.
During this time of  introspection and self-renewal, a chance encounter with a man at a clinic leads Mark to become a student of the martial art of aikido - "the way of harmony."  That decision takes him back to his roots with the old man who taught him how to work with horses and moves him forward to a new way of blending and flowing with a horse's energy rather than fighting against it. The result of his efforts is a  renewed commitment to compassionate communication with horses, using honor, integrity, and dignity.
Combining his trademark  storytelling about horses and people, practical advice on horsemanship, and his  insightful outlook on life, Mark continues to entertain and educate readers in the captivating tradition of his previous four books. This book is a must-read  for anyone seeking to truly connect with his or her horse. Oct 2005
Paperback 198 Pages  $17.50

Life Lessons From A Ranch Horse 2nd Edition
A life lived with horses just makes more sense!
In this  heartwarming and instructive book of horsemanship, highly-respected horse  trainer Mark Rashid shares what he learned from a very special, and very  challenging, horse. Through a lot of hard work, Mark comes to understand the potential for powerful communication that exists when two beings take the time to understand each other. Although his realizations are inspired by work with horses, readers will discover that Rashids six guidelines for interaction can  improve our relationships with the people in our lives as well.
In this  second edition of the beloved title, with a new brand-new afterword, Rashid invites us to enjoy his all-new reflections on the lessons learned from a life spent with horses. Apr 2004/Sept 2011
Hardcover 224 Pages  $24.95

Horses Never Lie 2nd Edition
In Horses Never Lie, renowned horse trainer Mark Rashid challenges the  conventional wisdom of leadership and teaches the reader to become a passive leader, a counterpart to the kind of horse other members of a herd choose to associate with and to follow. Applying Rashids principles and  techniques helps cultivate horse personalities that are responsive and  dependable regardless of the rider. Reliving Rashids experiences with him, you will come to feel the same sort of compassion and appreciation for your horses that you do for the people in your life. This new edition features added introductory notes for each chapter that contribute to a more complete understanding of Rashids methods and philosophy. 16 black-and-white illustrations. Jun 2011
Hardcover 224 Pages  $24.95
Our all time favorite horsemanship book!! ~ Bob & Terri Beecher

A Good Horse Is Never A Bad Color 2nd Edition
Learn why your problem horse is not a lost cause with helpful tips from an internationally acclaimed trainer.
In A Good Horse Is  Never a Bad Color, Mark Rashid continues to share his talent for training horses through communication rather than force. Rashid uses humorous, feel-good  stories to relate his techniques of teaching horses by examining their view of  the world. This book is a must-have for compassionate horse trainers and owners. Tales of Arabs, Appaloosas, and Paints mistrusted and mistreated because of  their breed will give readers a new perspective on these breeds and others. This new edition features added introductory notes for each chapter that contribute to a better understanding of Rashids philosophy and methods. 16 black-and-white  illustrations. Jun 2011
Hardcover 224 Pages  $24.95