Cowboy Lingo Trivia Game $12.50
This is a fun family game to play while traveling or staying home. If you know more history, facts and trivia than your opponent, you win. The multiple-choice questions offer an entertaining way to learn more about cowboys and the western lifestyle.
Object: Be the first to answer 12 questions correctly, move your pawn to the end of the playing board and win.  Can be played by individuals or by teams.
Equipment Includes:
Game Box
96 Question & Answer Cards
Playing Board
Playing Pawns
Game Rules

Where is a cowboy if the shout goes out man at the pot!
A. Around the campfire
B. At the outhouse door
C. At a branding
Answer: A. According to camp etiquette, when a cowboy gets up to refill his cup from the coffee pot hanging over the campfire, if someone shouts, "Man at the pot!" the man at the coffee pot is required to fill everyone's cup.

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