Out West Saddlery Stock Saddles

 Out West Saddlery Wide or Extra Wide Vaquero Wade Stock Saddle!! 27-35 lbs!!
Based on the design of our most popular custom saddle!

See Testimonials Below!!

$3,300.00 includes back strap, bucking rolls, breast collar rigging, crupper rigging, padded seat, smooth brass conchos and 4" brass bell lined stirrups. Seat sizes 15", 15 1/2" & 16"

*Due to a rawhide shortage that is occuring in the saddle industry we will only be able to offer about 40 more saddles with the unique exposed tree, after those are gone we will only offer our stock saddle fully covered with leather which will increase the price by $400.00.

Options: Fully covering the tree with leather $400.00, Rawhide Horn Binding, Fork Roll, Spanish Lacing and Cantle Binding or Semi Cheyenne Roll $100.00, Matching Breast Collar (Mohair or Custom Leather), Matching Headstall (samples), Matching Crupper $70.00, Matching Saddle Bags (samples), Mohair Cinch (options), Different Stirrup Sizes (options), Different Conchos (options), Rope Strap $25.00 & Horn Wrap $50.00 and Hobble Rings (options) & Therapeutic Saddle Fitting Pad.          Also available by special order a number of options like: shorter or longer fenders, special bar length, special bar angle/rocker (for mules, gaited horses, etc), covered tree, differnt rigging, stainless hardware & different seat sizes. Colors we stock Walnut or Dark Oiled Antiqued (see below).
*See some pictures below of customized stock saddles!
*If you decide to order a saddle we have you  take some measurements of your self and tracings of your horse or the type of horses/mules you ride for optimal fit!! See Saddle Fitting Guide page.

See our Saddle Fitting Guide page to learn how to evaluate your own saddle for fit and if you are interested in one of our stock saddles what we would need to determine the best size for you and your horse or mule!  See also our Therapeutic Saddle Fitting Pads and  Saddle Fitting Information/Philosophy page!

Colors we stock: Left - Dark Oiled Antiqued, Right - Walnut. 

Color - Walnut

We are very excited to introduce our new stock saddle we are having built special for us by a USA small production saddle company to keep up on the growing demand for great fitting, quality, good looking saddles at a more affordable price than our custom saddles and a lot less waiting time! Every saddle in inspected by Bob for quality control and he makes and installs the bucking rolls, stirrups, does any customizing and makes the accessories!


After years of doing saddle fittings and teaching saddle fitting we have come up with a tree that with our Therapeutic Saddle Fitting Pad will fit most horses of all breeds and sizes very well! It will free up their shoulders and be short enough that the horse will easily collect, round their back, bend, flex and reach out with their stride.
For every purchase of a Stock Out West Saddlery saddle you can get one of our Therapeutic Saddle Fitting Pad at a 15% discount.


Of our special trees which Bob designed we have found the most universal (if you can have only one saddle) is our wide which has a wider bar angle/flare than a “full quarter horse” tree, has a little flatter rocker and no convex bump in the front.  Bar flare of 14 1/4”- Regular Wide or 15”- Extra Wide (for draft crosses, unusually flat quarter horses etc) & bar length 22 1/2”- 23 1/2” long depending on seat size, gullet width of 6 3/4” & a gullet height of 8”.  Horn Cap 4”, Horn 3” high, 3/4” drop, semi dome.  Fork is 10” wide x 5” thick. Cantle is 5” high x 12” wide, semi shovel, 1 1/2” dish.


These saddles and trees are handmade using high quality workmanship and materials. All the stitching is recessed for quality and durability. The sitrrup leathers are pre-twisted to take any stress off of your knees. Free swinging stirrup leathers. The saddle is perfectly balanced for a comfortable ride for you and your horse, they are one of the few western saddles built today designed so you sit centered and as close to the horse as possible for the best communication between you an your horse. The seat is not built up in the front so your weight is more forward where you are more balanced, like you were sitting bareback, the horse can balance you better in that "sweet spot" and their back is much stronger further forward . We believe proper fit, rider comfort and the way the saddle positions you is the most important elements in a saddle.

We stand behind all of our workmanship!

Stock Saddles w/Custom Options:

Justin Lineberry - Customized Stock Saddle w/Mule Britchen & Horn Wrap.  Walnut

Jimmy Boyd - Customized Stock Saddle w/ Horn Wrap, Custom Conchos, Saddle Bags, Breast Collar & 2” Stirrups w/Top Caps.  Walnut

Here is a Dark Oiled Antiqued colored stock saddle with a Steppin Out Horn Cap and JM #11 conchos, horn wrap & Rawhide Braided/Covered Hobble Ring.

This extra wide Walnut Stock Saddle was customized for Dale Schmidt with covered fork, horn & cantle.  Rawhide Semi Cheyenne Roll, Fork & Horn Roll. JM #18 Horn Cap & JM #10 conchos. Custom bucking rolls, horn wrap, breast collar & Oregon Style Rope Strap. Extra large seat size 17”, extra long fender & stirrup leathers and oversized stirrups. Conventional rigging and no spanish lacing.

This wide  Dark Oiled Antiqued Stock Saddle was customized for J.A. Cummins with covered fork, horn & cantle. Leather Semi Cheyenne Roll, Rawihide Fork & Horn Roll. Brass Cut Out Star Horn Cap. Horn wrap, Oregon Style Rope Strap.   Extra long fender & stirrup leathers and oversized stirrups.

This wide Dark Oiled Antiqued Stock Saddle was customized for Charlie Wells in London England. He chose all stainless hardware, matching hobbles/hobble ring, breast collar, headstall & slobber straps. 5” oversize moran monel stirrups.  Horn wrap & OR style rope strap

This extra wide Walnut Stock Saddle was customized for Robin Kirwan with covered fork, horn & cantle & Jeremiah Watt Antiqued Hardware. This is what Robin said when he received his saddle:
The stock saddle arrived last night, and all I can say is WOW!!!!  :):)  It is so  awesome, I can hardly believe my eyes.  Everyone is impressed.  This saddle is definitely built to last more than my lifetime!  I almost hate to use it and get  that first ding/scratch/dirt on it.  I LOVE it.  Perfect color, perfect hardware, perfect everything.  You guys make an incredible edible saddle!!  I  will let you know how the first ride goes.  I have already ridden it in front of the TV. :)
Robin Kirwan 12/4/13


I received my new Out West Saddlery Vaquero Style Wade Saddle recently..  For the first time in a very long time, I was able to ride for several hours with absolutely no leg or hip pain.  It is a beautifully made saddle with attention to detail and design.  The customer service from Terri and her team has been beyond wonderful.  This is an outfit who really cares about their product, their clients and strive to bring the best to the market.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this saddle and the Beechers for anyone looking for a great saddle with attention to detail, comfort and function.
Mielle Fox
St. Johnsbury, VT

"Just  wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Terri and Bob for my Out West Saddle. It's  fits Jasper perfectly!!! I'm so happy with it and so is he! The service you  provided was totally outstanding and I can't stop talking about my amazing Out  West Saddle. Thanks again! I'll be coming back for other tack in the future  :)"
Aynsley Cairns
BC Canada


Hi Terri,
Charisma and I arrived at the Y6 on Tuesday afternoon. Martin Black has a series of clinics here for the next few weeks so we've been riding all day, every day.  Charisma is doing wonderful in the saddle. I don't have any shims in it at the  moment. This morning when we came back from moving some cattle she was the only horse that didn't have any sweat on her saddle area, even though she worked the same as all the others. I haven't seen any dry spots or ruffled hairs on her yet. I've had a few of the other students in the clinic comment on the saddle, they thought it was pretty unique.
All the best,
Joanna Lo


Hi Terri!
 Please give our name, number or email address to anyone that  wants a personal recommendation for your stock saddles!!!
Montey finally had a chance to ride the big quarter horse, Joker, as well as the slightly smaller Tennessee Walker, Danny, with the new saddle.  The saddle fits both horses perfectly.  I’ve only attached a photo of Joker wearing his new saddle but Danny looks just as handsome.  Danny was the harder to fit horse because every other saddle we’ve tried on him rolls and  never stays centered.  Not a problem with this one.  This saddle fit perfectly  from the beginning of the ride to the end.  I know you took extra care to make sure the saddle skirt wouldn’t be too long for the shorter backed Danny and I’m  pleased to say the length is perfect. Plenty of room left between the saddle skirt, pad and the horses hip.
Montey is comfortable and secure in this saddle. Unlike other heavier Western saddles, this saddle allows a closer contact enabling him to feel the horses movement and each individual legs position.  The bucking  rolls came in useful the other morning when we spooked up a napping deer and  Joker did a little whoop-di-do.  Montey stayed right where he was.  Based upon the calculations of Monteys leg length, height, weight, etc., and then deciding  on the extended length fenders make this saddle a true custom fit just for him.   The unique pad with the removable shims will allow Montey to use the saddle on  one of our other horses that has a narrower back.
See you soon,
Sally & Montey Hensley
Blossom, Texas


 I wanted to drop you a short note to let you know that I love my new  saddle.  It's a gorgeous saddle and a perfect fit for my horse, and after a week of riding with it I am happy to report that my quarter horse "Clark" loves it.  Also, it is a huge relief to finally get a saddle that properly fits, both me and my horse.  I was so worried that I would waste more money buying the wrong saddle.  It took me nearly 2 years of research to find the best saddle maker (Out West Saddlery). Your knowledge of saddle fitting was obvious to me and I'm  so appreciative that you were patient with me with my inquisitive phone calls and most importunately, I'm appreciative of the time you took to coach me  on getting the proper measurements and templates of my horse's body (and mine).  And you are so correct...the saddle places me in such a proper position, which  will greatly advance my riding abilities.
I'll stay in touch.
Thanks again,
Greg Kallmeyer
Burlington, KY


I purchased my Out West Saddlery Stock Saddle in February this year and absolutely love it!
It improved my riding instantly and my horses really loves it too. It is so comfortable to ride and I have never ridden in anything like it. Riding is always a joy for me now and as my job requires me to be in the saddle sometimes from dawn til dusk. I broke my pelvis bull riding 2 years ago and was wheel chair bound for 2 years. I have not had any pain from riding and I think my new saddle is definitely a big help.
Thank You Bob & Terri!
Kirk Fenton
Monkira Station
Queensland, Australia


10/ 7/11
Ms Terri,
I just wanted to let you know happy  I am with my new rig. The time you took with me to make sure the saddle fit me  and my horse was well worth it as it fits Lady and I like a glove. After riding  it for a day I can say it is one of the most comfortable saddles I have ever  ridden. While fit and comfort are most important to me it sure doesn’t hurt that  it looks fantastic also. The matching breast collar, bridle and saddle pockets  really set it off. The family crest that Bob carved on the pockets look fantastic. Lady really does look like a Lady with this rig.
Thanks again for the top notch service and craftsmanship. It is a pleasure to deal with folks that still have old style cowboy values.
Mark A.  Fairchild
Rock & Roll MF Ranch
Hattiesburg, MS.


“Hi Terri and Bob,
I love the new saddle, and so does my horse! He has been so  relaxed when saddled, as well as carrying his head lower and breaking better at the poll, AMAZING!!! We did our first parade yesterday (in Bayfield, CO), and he was not bothered by much of anything.”
Don Kelly
Trails Foreman
Columbine Ranger District / Field Office
San Juan National Forest / BLM Public Lands


“Hi  Terri,
The saddle is WONDERFUL and fits beautifully!  Everyone at the barn is ooooing and ahhhhing. Touching the saddle makes me smile. Not only because it so beautifully made, but because I feel a connection with where it came from. I’m so glad I found you!”
Lynn Rajewski