Past Saddles Made

Samples of saddles built by Saddle Maker Bob Beecher!

#70 Saddle built for the movie “Out Of The Wild” based on the novel by Mark Rashid horsemanship clinician.

#69 NJ Wade

#68 SM Wade

#67 BC VaqueroWade

#66 BB Slick #9

#65 RH Vaquero Wade Weighs approx. 30-35 lbs!

#64 DD Wade

#59 KH Wade


#62 RH Vaquero Wade Weighs approx. 30-35 lbs!

#58 TL Wade

#56 BV Visalia

#55 RC Wade

#53 SJ Wade

#52 JC Vaquero Wade Weighs approx. 30-35 lbs!

#50 TB Vaquero Wade Weighs approx. 30-35 lbs!

#48 KS 3B Visalia

#44 RW 3B Visalia

#43 BH Wade

#42 BB Wade

#37 JR 3BVisalia

#34 BR 3BVisalia For a Shire draft horse!

#33 MR Vaquero Wade Weighs approx. 30-35 lbs!

#31 TH 3B Visalia

#25 PS 3B Visilia

#26 GB Ladies Astride Saddle

#10 Ladies Astride Saddle

Testimonial Letter
Dear Terri & Bob
  I have attached the link to see my Facebook photo album  of me and Sky with our new saddle. Oh MY God it is amazing to ride in. My balance point is now clearly known to me & my circles are round. I have always had so much trouble riding a nice circle.
  I can not even explain how perfect it is. Everyone notices how it sits so perfectly. I so can not wait to show it off at Ant's clinic in May.
Deb Desreaux
Monkira Station
Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Hi Guys
  I dropped my stirrups 1 hole and OMG I felt terrific. Great circles, Great attitude from my horse & I had a smile from ear to ear. I have not enjoyed  riding lately because I never felt comfortable & riding was like becoming hard to do. I can't even explain the difference in my riding.
  My poor horse, she was wondering if I was ever going to get off.
  I have to look on your website for a testimonial section. If you don't  have one you need to add it so I can leave comments on how wonderful my saddle  is and how much it improves my riding & my horses abilities to move more freely.
  Thank You, Thank You, Thank you. I was & still am so happy I could  cry.
Talk soon
Love always
Deb Desreaux
Monkira Station
Queensland, AUSTRALIA

PS Bob, You will never know how much you have changed my life by enabling  me to ride with ease & refinement, comfort for me & my horse, fun & the best saddle for me &  my equine partner. Truly you will never know. xo

Testimonial Letter
Dear Bob & Terri,
For several years I rode saddles that hurt me and my horse after a long ride he was almost always sore and so was I.  The saddle I purchased from you has never made my horse sore and I can ride it comfortably for hours.
I never truly understood “balanced” riding until I purchased my new saddle that fits me.  When riding rough terrain in Colorado Mountains I am much more secure.
And as it that is not enough, it is great fun to sit on a piece of handmade western art.
Thank you,
Gil JohnsonPagosa Springs, CO

#64 Deb Desreaux

#41 Gil Johnson

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