Reatas, Ropes, Hondos

Double Diamond Ultra XXXS Horse Rope
with a Buck Brannaman Hondo.
**Best For Horse Training
5/16” x 60’  $95.75
5/16” x 45’  $86.00

No Hondo w/Knot
5/16” x 60’  $68.00
These aged nylon lariats have a distinct resemblance to the rawhide reata in terms of life and pliability, but with the strength of nylon. This is an excellent rope for use with horses in the branding corral.

Buck Brannaman Horse Rope 5/16”  XXX Soft aged nylon.
**Best For Ranch Roping
 A long time in development, this rope was designed to be the synthetic version of the traditional rawhide riata's. Although we know  there is no substitute for a real rawhide reata, this is the next best thing. The rope has the pliability of a riata, but the strength and long life of nylon. This is an excellent rope for roping horses or in the branding pen, and it only gets better with age!
* You can get right or left hand twist.
#KBB 60 Foot $85.50
#KBB 45 Foot $76.75

No Hondo w/Knot
5/16” x 45’  $52.75
5/16” x 60”  $62.50

Rawhide Reatas - vary in length, 4 Plait, 5/16”-3/8” in diameter.  $8.00 per foot.

Brannaman Hondo  $37.75 5/16”

Montana Buckaroo Hondo  $24.00 5/16”

Great Basin Hondo  $25.00 5/16”

 Vaquero Rawhide Hondo A  $36.00 5/16”

Plastic Breakaway Hondo $5.00 5/16”

 Black Magic Plastic Breakaway Hondo $12.00 5/16”

Fancy San Juan Rawhide Hondo  $54.00 5/16”

Fancy Folded Rawhide Hondo  $52.00 5/16”

 Hooey Loop Plastic Breakaway Hondo $18.00 5/16”

San Juan Rawhide Hondo  $54.00 5/16”

Buck Brannaman Ranch Roping Series
Buck Brannaman brings together in this complete three level study course video/DVD, a lifetime of roping experience designed both for the working rancher as well as those who are interested in the traditional vaquero style of ranch roping. Even if you’ve never picked up a rope before, these videos/DVD’s will get you started. Available as a set of three or as single videos/DVD’s. A must for every student of the California style of roping. Each tape/DVD features slow motion segments and voice over narration by Buck Brannaman. This video features light pen graphics to better demonstrate the techniques shown. The ultimate “how-to” video/DVD illustrates two centuries of traditional vaquero roping skills and is produced in three videos:
· Beginning
Takes you from building your first loop, to proper practice technique with the roping dummy. $89.95 DVD
· Intermediate
Introduces and details scores of traditional riata style head and heel shots, positions and strategies. $89.95 DVD
· Advanced
Features applied roping techniques for handling & doctoring cattle in real world situations. $89.95 DVD
· Complete Set-DVD
Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. $242.87 You Save 10%/$26.98

There's Roping to Do (Ranch Roping - From the Ground Up)
(by Joe Wolter, with special guest Bill Dorrance)

There's Roping to Do takes the viewer through all aspects of ranch roping, from the basics through advanced techniques. Joe Wolter thoroughly explains and demonstrates various ranch roping and livestock handling techniques, with additional comments by Bill Dorrance. Topics covered include: Building a Loop, The Swing, Head Shots, Working in a Herd, Working on the Ground, Heel Shots, Dallying, and Roping on Your Horse the First Time. This is an excellent DVD for anyone interested in learning the California vaquero style ranch roping, or for the skilled practitioner wanting to improve current ranch roping and livestock handling skills.

DVD running time is approx. 2 hrs.

 Classic Rodea Style Ranch Roping
with Martin Black
1 Hour 30 Minutes

Martin Black's family has maintained the ranching tradition on the same ranch  since 1865. His great grandfather grew up with the horsemanship and roping of  the vaqueros that brought their large herds of cattle to the Great Basin in the 1870s. For several generations, the style, principles and ethics have been handed down.

Martin would like to share some insight to the culture and traditions that he has lived and hopes to preserve and pass it on for others to enjoy.

This DVD showcases everyday life on a real working ranch set at the base of the beautiful Steens mountains in southeastern Oregon on the historic Alvord Ranch. Martin and Frank Dominguez show examples and explain the details of the stockmanship, horsemanship, team-work and dedication of traditional ranch-roping while accomplishing the job of summer branding.

Rodea Style Ranch Roping Part 2: The Answers To Your Questions with Martin Black
2 hour 30 min.

Martin Blacks family has been raising livestock on the same lands in Owyhee  County in Idaho for over 150 years. The desire to maintain and preserve  tradition runs deep within Martin. The Classic Rodea Style Ranch Roping DVD,  the first of its kind, covering Great Basin style roping stirred up a lot of curiosity for the real deal and the questions started pouring in.

This DVD, shot on the historic Alvord Ranch with the beautiful Steen mountains in the background, addresses the questions raised by the first DVD. Pull up a chair and join in as three of the top Great Basin ropers, John Schutte, Wade Black, and Martin, share their knowledge and humor with you in a  relaxed, unrehearsed atmosphere. Martins library of old family photos and home  movies , the knowledge and humor of three of the top Great Basin ropers along with exclusive music from Pedro Marquez makes this both educational and  entertaining.

You will enjoy several hours of detailed explanation in roping, horsemanship,  stockmanship and much more. Martins unique insight and perspective will benefit  both the experienced ropers and beginners alike. These DVDs can be studied  individually but as a set, they are much more comprehensive.

Running Time 2 hour 30 min.

Ranch Roping Book
The Complete Guide to a Classic Cowboy Skill

Buck Brannaman and A.J. Mangum

The perfect companion with Bucks Ranch Roping DVDs,  Western  Horseman magazine has published Ranch Roping: The Complete Guide to a  Classic Cowboy Skill with Buck and WH’s editor, A.J. Mangum. Roping is  at the heart of all ranch work, and unlike the rodeo variation of calf roping, the vaquero tradition calls for techniques that result in a skillful and graceful throw and catch. In the book, Buck describes whats necessary to become a successful ranch roper, whether in competition or in ranch cattle work the  essential tools, the mechanics, and the optimal partnership between horse and  rider.

Paper 127 pages - $24.95

Ranch Roping Book
A Practical Guide to Traditional Roping

Buck Brannaman and A.J. MangumBuck Brannaman, a lifelong working cowboy and one of the most popular clinicians working today, shares his insights on the practical application of roping. Buck explains the fundamentals of rope-handling, basic  and advanced swings, the efficient and humane use of a rope on cattle, and  safely roping a horse. 40 pages,with more than 100 color photos.

Paper 40 pages - $10.00

Will Rogers Trick Roping Kit:
DVD, Trick Rope, & Book
#WIT107  $49.95
*The ropes in the kit are 3/8” x 15’

Trick Rope Only
3/8” x 15’ $20.00

Trick and Fancy Roping Made Easy - Lesson 1
Instructional DVD / Full Color / 30 Minutes  $19.95
Learn the Flat Spin and Wedding Ring
– the two techniques that are the basis for most other trick and fancy roping routines. Learn along with four other beginners as renowned trick ropers Mark Allen and Sara Hickey guide you through the basics. Close-up, overhead shots and slow-motion camera work along with expert commentary make it easy and fun and so simple you’ll be trick roping before the lesson is over!

Trick and Fancy Roping Made Easy - Lesson 2
Instructional DVD / Full Color / 30 Minutes $19.95
After you have mastered Flat Spin and Wedding Ring
in "Lesson 1" you are ready to move on to the more glamorous and tricky vertical loops... the Butterfly and the Texas Skip, demonstrated in this comprehensive video. Mark Allen works with professional trick ropers Angelo Iodice and John Giannotti, Jr. using overhead and slow-motion video to show you the perfect techniques you need to accomplish these loops.

 Will Rogers’ Epic Film:

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