Rein Chains

The idea of rein chains/slobber chains or slobber straps is when you lift up on the reins or rope the weight of either cues the horse quicker than reins alone which helps create a lighter touch in the riders hands.

Les Vogt Rein Chains/Slobber Chains  $96.00

Les Vogt Fancy Rein/Slobber Chain Swivels
Les Vogt's new silver inlaid rein chain connector swivel. The swivel will add weight for more pre-load and help keep your reins from twisting.

Ball Style Slobber/Rein Chains
8 #HP196W$22.50
10 #HP176W $26.00
14 #HP175W  $28.00

#RC5 Double Link 
#RC2 Short Triangle
#RC2 Long Triangle
#RC3 Fish Leader
#RC1 Short Swivel-In-The-Center 
#RC1 Long Swivel-In-The-Center 
*These are handmade so the lengths are approximate.
We stock the rein chains in Stainless Steel & Browned.

DB Rein Chains $96.00

#RC5 Double Link
Stainless, Browned or Brass Rein Chains

WW Rein Chains

#7307  $25.00
12 Nickel Rein Chains

12 1/2 SS Rein Chains

#RC3 Fish Leader
Browned or Brass Rein Chains

9 SS Rein Chains

11 SS Rein Chains

Fred Payden - Handcrafted Western Bridle Rein/Slobber Chains
We are very excited to share with you this very talented craftsman who makes these very high quality, beautiful slobber/rein chains: Fred Payden of Applecart Chainworks from Jordan Valley, Oregon who has become a special friend. These rein chains are truly works of art! Each link, swivel and end is handmade.
They come in raw steel.
 $150.00 A Set
Below is what we have in stock:  Hope to get more soon!

#70B Rein Chain
12 1/2 Long
(Was hung on a bit but not used) SOLD

#99 Rein Chain
10 1/4 Long